A journey through the soil

“The Living Soil” is an interactive journey through the soil, and takes place between 31st May til 31st October 2019 in the Fruittuin of West. This exhibition inspires and teaches us about what soil is, the role of agriculture, and how you, the consumer, has the choice to act as a central actor for change.

Soil is important because…

Soil quality is being threatened by climate change, biodiversity loss, and agricultural land use. Conventional ways to grow food lack attention on regenerating the soil. The exhibition will take us through a journey to understand why this has an effect on soil and what we can do about it. We all have a responsibility to protect the soil!

Everybody Eats

When we eat and drink, we have the soil to thank for the nutrients that we gain from the food or drink. This means the products we buy, like bread, coffee, milk, cheese, vegetables, grain has taken nutrients out of the soil. A healthy living soil means that attention needs to be brought back into the soil, with compost systems, and not chemical fertilisers. Whose responsibility is this?

The exhibition will show that we are all responsible, especially as consumers, as a human being. As consumers we have the chance to opt for making our complex food system more sustainable at every meal. The Summer of Soil is for everybody who eats, we can make a choice to take care of the soil.
Come and find out how!

Fruittuin van West

Fruittuin van West is a self-pick orchard of 6 hectares, situated in the Tuinen van West on the edge of Amsterdam West. Within the company, a lot of attention is paid to the cycle between plants, people and animals. The owners, Wil & Lisan, want to show how rural and urban spaces of the Netherlands can be connected. Apples, pears, berries, potatoes can be harvested by visitors themselves, and have an enriching experience just a stones throw from the city centre.

The Summer of Soil located at the Fruittuin fits perfectly together as the visions align. Soil life is one of the top priorities for farmer Wil, and a lot of effort is made to maintain or even improve the soil quality so the trees and bushes continue to provide the tastiest and healthiest produce possible, for us, the consumers.